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Creating a better future for Australian apple and pear growers,
through industry leadership and commercial advancement.

Managing the Business

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It’s no longer enough to produce high-quality fruit. Managing a successful orchard is just like managing any business: people, processes, and systems must be optimised to maximise profitability.

Lengthening supply chains, regulatory reform, transformative technology, tightening export protocols and choosier customers, are all emerging trends that mean growers must now wear many hats: HR manager; procurement specialist; logistician, data scientist, marketing guru, finance whiz…

Via APAL’s new Future Business program, growers, orchard and pack house managers will have access to a range of services, including tools and templates, training workshops and commercial advice to improve planning, implement data-capture and conduct analytics via international benchmarking.

  • Labour & Employment

Labour & Employment

Looking after workers is essential to the future profitability and sustainability of Australian agriculture. Being able to demonstrate fair treatment will help growers ensure they can attract high quality, repeat labour. Workplace laws have evolved to protect potentially vulnerable workers and increasing scrutiny, regulations, fines and market demands must be understood and adhered to by growers.

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Apple and pear growers pay statutory levies to the Australian Government. These levies are collected and passed to Hort Innovation who invest these funds in R&D and marketing programs to support increased productivity, profitability and competitiveness of the sector.

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Sales & Marketing

Considered ‘staples’ of the fruit bowl by Australian consumers, the fresh produce space is increasingly competitive. Improved productivity has led to domestic commodity surpluses, putting many growers under pressure. New varieties of both apples and pears, with disciplined brand management, are predicted to bring excitement back to the category and create opportunities to realise higher returns for premium fruit both here and overseas.

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Procurement & Supply Chain

Growers can make significant savings to their bottom-line by implementing basic procurement and supply chain practices. As well as dollars-saved through smarter purchasing, growers can realise efficiencies and even improve their top-line by working more closely with parties along the supply chain to optimise scheduling, increase productivity and maintain fruit quality.

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