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Experienced Brand Manager

APAL is internationally renowned for its commercialisation and management of some of the world’s best-known branded fruits and vegetables, including PINK LADY, Tenderstem®, Bimi® and Rico®.

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APAL’s knowledge and experience in developing and managing new varieties and fresh produce brands is complimented by our former participation as a shareholder, Board director and now as licensor for the Option, Testing and Commercialisation partner for Australia in Prevar.


Managing the world’s #1 fresh produce brand: PINK LADY

Producing approximately 700,000mt of fruit under license across 13 countries, APAL has central responsibility for the global development and management of the PINK LADY apple brand, requiring constant evaluation and evolution.

Pink LadyPink Lady packaging

A new look for the Pink Lady® brand.


APAL supports the brand in the established markets of Europe, UK and Africa and in new and emerging markets such as India, Japan and Vietnam.  APAL licenses over 200 importers and exporters globally, collecting royalties on kilos of PINK LADY traded and reinvesting this to grow the network, manage quality and protect the brand in over 100 countries worldwide.

The PINK LADY brand and all its applications were recently updated, including launching a global Pink Lady® website to act as the central repository for our brand standards manual, tools and market application.

Similarly, successful marketing of Tenderstem® and Bimi® in the UK and Europe has delivered exceptional growth up from 500 tonnes of Tenderstem in 2004, to 13,000 tonnes in 2018. Both brands are managed in a similar way to PINK LADY and build on the knowledge, expertise and structures successfully developed over 22 years.

Our success in brand management extends internationally where our wholly-owned subsidiary, Coregeo Limited, is considered the leading marketer of fresh produce in the UK. In addition to establishing PINK LADY as the #1 apple brand in the UK, Coregeo’s joint venture with Sakata Seed Corporation (who own the Bimi® and Tenderstem® products) stands to deliver future success in branded fresh produce.

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