About Us

Providing industry leadership and commercial advancement, APAL is the national representative for Australia’s $600 million apple and pear industry, and the owner of the Pink Lady® brand in over 100 countries.

APAL staff deliver a range of technical,  commercial and government advocacy services to Australia’s apple and pear growers and the wider pome fruit industry.

Based in Melbourne, our team also manage the Pink Lady® brand in internationally.

The APAL team bring a wide range of expertise to the apple and pear industry, including:


Dr. Michele Allan

Philip Turnbull

Chief Executive Officer
Reporting to the Board of Apple and Pear Australia, Philip has ultimate accountability for the strategy, direction, governance, and performance of APAL and its subsidiaries. As CEO, Phil has constitutional responsibility to APAL’s members and a broader industry responsibility to all Australian apple and pear growers. Philip is a Director of Pink Lady Australia, a Director of Pink Lady Development, a Director of Coregeo Limited (UK), and a member of the Sakata/Coregeo joint venture Strategic Investment Group. Philip brings a strong commercial understanding and growing background to APAL. He is familiar with the apple and pear industry, as both an APAL Director and an industry member. He comes from a growing family and knows the challenges and opportunities of the industry. Philip has 18 years’ experience in a fifth-generation integrated fruit business with responsibility from orchard quality to export sales and marketing. Philip has worked in marketing with Pacific Brands Food Group and Nestlé Dairy Products, managing a number of iconic Australian brands. More recently, he was Managing Director of his family business, Turnbull Estate Pty Ltd, an online gift retail and real estate gifting solutions business. Philip became the APAL Director for pears in 2006, Independent Director for APAL in 2015 and APAL CEO in 2016.
Dr. Michele Allan

Andrew Hooke

Chief Operating Officer
Andrew is responsible for APAL’s domestic and global commercial interests. The UK-based and wholly owned subsidiary Coregeo Limited UK reports to Andrew, and he is a Director of Coregeo, the joint venture Pink Lady Development, and is a member of the Sakata/Coregeo joint venture Strategic Investment Group. Andrew will also sit on the Strategic Marketing Panel to be inducted this year by APAL in conjunction with Hort Innovation. Andrew also chairs the Pink Lady® Global Steerco. Andrew joined APAL in 2017. Prior to joining, Andrew was General Manager of Group Procurement and Shared Services at Murray Goulburn. In conjunction with this role, Andrew was also acting CEO China in 2015 for twelve months and was a member of the Executive Leadership Team. Other previous roles relevant to this project were CEO Asia for Detpak Packaging (based in Singapore) with six Asian countries reporting to him, Executive Director National Foods Asia (based in Singapore) and Managing Director of a youth Advertising and PR agency based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Andrew also working with Japanese Trading firm Mitsui and Co and was a Management Consultant focused on performance and strategy, most notably with Ernst & Young.
Dr. Michele Allan

Beth Schofield

Chief Financial Officer
Reporting to the CEO, Beth has accountability for all APAL’s financial and legal affairs, Board, and company governance. Her team are accountable for financial planning, annual budgets, and consolidation of accounts. They are also responsible for global licensing, global trade volume reporting, and collection of all royalties. The team also manages offshore global marketing and legal funds supporting the Pink Lady® business and have responsibility for the financial reporting and integration of APAL subsidiaries. Beth joined APAL in 2017 and is a finance professional with experience across various disciplines in both professional practice and industry. She holds a Masters of Applied Finance from Macquarie University, a Bachelor of Commerce from Melbourne University and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Former roles include Associate Director of Mergers  and Acquisitions at EY and CFO at Patties Foods Limited.
Dr. Michele Allan

Jeremy Griffith

Head of Government Relations and Advocacy
Jeremy’s role includes managing APAL’s government relations. He works closely with growers throughout Australia to advocate their priorities to government, including ministers, members of parliament, advisors, government agencies, and industry associations at both the state and federal level. Jeremy joined APAL in 2018 and has 25 years’ experience in media, government, and stakeholder engagement, including working as head of function for top-20 publicly listed companies Foster’s (Carlton & United Breweries) & St. George Bank. He was also head of Asia Pacific communications for Visa, based in Singapore. Earlier in his career, Jeremy was industry and science advisor to a Federal Minister, and lands advisor to the NSW Minister, as well as former board member of the Australian Banking and Financial Services Ombudsman (2002–07), and the Australian Association of National Advertisers (2012–16). He has a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in economics) from the University of NSW.
Dr. Michele Allan

Justin Smith

Industry Services and Export Manager
Reporting to the CEO, Justin is responsible for leading the industry services team, which is APAL’s key conduit to industry, covering growers, packers, marketers, state associations, and other regional stakeholders. A key deliverable in this area is the recognised Future Orchards program, a 10-year program that delivers in orchard education and best practice transfer to industry. In addition, Justin has direct responsibility to deliver the newly created Export Readiness program, a key project to reinvigorate Australia’s approach to exporting Apples and Pears back to the 30% of industry volume it once achieved from current lows of 2–3%. This program will employ regional officers who will work closely with growers and packers to ensure continuous improvement in meeting export protocols, as well as utilising the international Pink Lady network to connect and educate overseas buyers with the right Australian exporters. With over a decade of experience in commercial operations management and consulting across both FMCG and retail, Justin brings invaluable business acumen to this position and will play a key role in accelerating our export plans for both apples and pears, and lifting overall Industry profitability.
Dr. Michele Allan

Rosalie Daniel

Technical Manager - Future Orchards
Rosalie Daniel is the Technical Manager for Future Orchards®. Prior to joining APAL in late-2019, Rose worked at the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI), where she combined her academic background, including Bachelor of Agricultural Science and a PhD, with laboratory and field-based research to provide evidence based outcomes for growers. During her time at DPI, Rose was responsible for applying for competitive research funding, managing laboratory and field-based research projects, advising on biosecurity, and liaising with growers in the berry, tea tree, vegetables, and nursery industries. Rose brings significant experience in design and execution of laboratory, greenhouse and field trials for disease management to the Future Orchards® program. Her work in this space includes diagnostics, pathogenicity testing, integrated approaches to disease management, fungicide evaluation and air sampling for disease monitoring. Since 2011, Rosalie has also held the position of Honorary Research Associate at the University of Sydney, supervising Honours and postgraduate research students at the Sydney Institute of Agriculture.  
Dr. Michele Allan

Alison Barber

Communications and Media Manager
Reporting to the Head of Communications and Media, Alison is responsible for delivery of the levy-funded National Apple and Pear Industry Communications Program, which keeps growers up to date on the latest industry, R&D, and marketing developments. This includes creating and commissioning content for, editing, and producing the quarterly flagship Australian Fruitgrower magazine as well as keeping industry abreast of levy investment outcomes and working with the communications team on content for both the website and the weekly digital newsletter Industry Juice. Alison also oversees the development and maintenance of APAL's extensive member database underpinning industry and APAL communications. Alison comes from a farming family and joined APAL in 2014 after 10 years at the Victorian agricultural publication Stock & Land. She has 30 years’ experience in rural and regional media and communications both in Australia and the UK. Alison holds a Bachelor of Agriculture Science and a Masters in International Journalism.
Dr. Michele Allan

Alvin Kee

Financial Planning and Analysis Manager
Reporting to the CFO, Alvin’s role includes financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting, accounting for any complex or international transactions, and monthly/quarterly reporting for all streams of revenue. Alvin is responsible for the management of relationships with Pink Lady® Master licensees/managers, coordinating and reviewing volume reporting through Salesforce and peer-to-peer networks, and conducting licensee/sublicensee desk and site audits. Alvin is also a member of the Pink Lady® Data Steerco focused on collecting and analysing data needs to assist the Global steerco in making informed decisions, and reporting and relationship management with Nurseries with respect to VMD’s on tree numbers. Alvin also assists in analysing and collecting Australian apple and pear industry data, assists in industry projects from a data and analysis perspective, and is coordinating a new project on tree census and production for apple and pears. Alvin joined APAL in June 2017 to assist us in bringing together a number of strategic systems projects to underpin our commercial division and improve our accounting systems. Alvin is responsible for managing key inputs for the various models and supporting the commercial and finance teams through deep financial analysis. Alvin holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Accounting Sciences and is a member of the South African Institute of Charted Accountants.
Dr. Michele Allan

Amy Larking

General Counsel
Reporting to the CFO, Amy’s role includes managing the intellectual property and trademark portfolio for APAL, including the Pink Lady® trademark registered in more than 100 countries worldwide. Amy also has responsibility for negotiating and settling the Pink Lady® trademark licences for the significant network of Master Licensees and Sub-Licensees around the world and other ancillary contracts associated with the Pink Lady® business, including variety evaluation agreements and grower agreements relating to new apple and pear varieties.  Her role also entails monitoring and advising on trademark infringement matters and contractual disputes. She manages a global network of intellectual property lawyers to assist in the international protection and promotion of the Pink Lady® brand. Her work covers advice on plant breeder’s rights and the nexus between intellectual property law and competition law. Amy joined APAL in August 2017 as legal counsel. She previously worked for the leading international law firm, Allens, in both their Melbourne and Singapore offices and has worked on secondment with CGU Insurance. She has also worked as Senior Legal Counsel for a Victorian government department.  Amy holds a Master of Laws from the University of Melbourne and undertook a combined Law/Arts degree at Monash University.
Dr. Michele Allan

Andrew Mandemaker

Head of Group Quality and Innovation
Regional Manager Middle East and Oceania
Reporting to the COO, Andrew has accountability for the quality, food safety, and innovation of Pink Lady® apples across 13 growing countries. Andrew is also Pink Lady® Territory Manager for the Middle East and Oceania. The role includes the management of new Cripps Pink mutations, both those currently under Pink Lady® brand and further mutations that have the potential to be. Andrew is the Commercialisation Manager for new pear varieties ANP-0131 (Rico®) and ANP-0118 (Lanya®), under arrangement with the Victorian Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions, including responsibility for the global planting growth of these varieties. Andrew leads domestic innovation programmes to increase consumption, in close connection with the major retailers. Andrew joined APAL in 2016 and brings 17 years of experience as a fruit technical professional across global production and supply chains of apples and pears, avocado, kiwifruit, grapes, and citrus. Andrew holds a Masters of Science degree in Plant Physiology, specialising in avocado production, complementing a B.Sc in Plant Science. Andrew is well known in the Australian fruit industries, having worked as Product Technologist (Apples) for Coles supermarkets.
Dr. Michele Allan

Craig Chester

Head of Commercial & Brand Development
Regional Manager S.E.A. & Americas
Craig develops the strategic direction for APAL’s portfolio of brands, which currently includes Kalei®, RS103-110, Rico®, Lanya®, Cripps Red®, Goulburn River Gold®, Joya® and Pink Lady®. He manages brand portfolio development and implementation for all APAL managed brands and products, including website development, digital assets, and brand guidelines. He chairs the Global Pink Lady® Brand Project team to provide brand strategy leadership across the global Pink Lady® business, and maintains consistent on-brand representation of Pink Lady® across all markets. He directs Regional Managers in South East Asia and the Americas to ensure regional objectives are met through appointment of regional/country-based agencies, engaging with retailers, collecting consumer insights and tailoring campaigns to suit the market. He project manages new variety commercialisation programs (including Kalei®, RS103-110, ANP0118 (Lanya®), ANP0131 (Rico®) varieties), works with the DAF breeding program, local nurseries and growers, international nurseries, and growers predominantly in the USA and Europe. Craig was previously the Operations Manager for Fairtrade Australia New Zealand from 2011–15, responsible for product certification and sustainable supply chain development, the National Business Manager for Heinz from 2009–11 responsible for FMCG Retail Sales Management, and the Marketing Manager of Heinz from 2007–09 responsible for FMCG Frozen Vegetable Category brand development and project management. Prior to that, he was the Senior Brand Manager for Fosters-CUB from 2004–07 responsible for Beer portfolio management, coming from various brand-management roles with FMCG Simplot, Goodman Fielder, and SC Johnson.
Dr. Michele Allan

Hui Dang

Data Scientist
Reporting to the Financial Planning and Analysis Manager, Hui's role includes the cleaning, transforming, and processing of data. Prior to joining APAL in Nov 2018, Hui worked in the social and market research industry for over 25 years. Hui is responsible for transforming data into user-friendly formats mainly via data visualisation.  Hui holds a Bachelor of Science Honours in Mathematics and a Graduate Diploma in Data Science with high distinction. Her passion is in machine learning algorithms and data modelling.
Dr. Michele Allan

Larissa Vaughan

Program Manager
Reporting to the Head of Communications and Media, Larissa is responsible for planning and executing APAL’s annual calendar of events, building and managing the sponsorship strategy, and growing lasting relationships with corporate partners and advertisers. APAL currently hosts a busy annual event program, including technically-focused, experiential learning programs, major industry conferences, international study tours and, in 2019, will add a range of Future Business and Export Readiness focused events to the calendar. Larissa has over 20 years of experience working in association/membership organisations, managing small to large events and training portfolios across Australia and Asia Pacific. She has a background in developing programmes for various learning platforms. Larissa has event strategy and execution experience in event manager roles with the Australian Institute of Company Directors, CPA, and the Urban Development Institute of Australia.
Dr. Michele Allan

Richelle Zealley

Manager Future Business
Launched in 2019, Future Business’ priorities, including harmonising supply chains, improving procurement practices, promoting risk management and supporting data-driven decision making, will transform the long-term outlook of the apple and pear industry. Owned and delivered by APAL, Future Business offers members a range of services, including tools and templates, training workshops and commercial advice to improve planning, implement data-capture and conduct analytics and international benchmarking.Richelle has worked with the APAL communications team since 2012 and has recently embarked on a new role as Manager, Future Business. Prior to joining APAL, Richelle worked in public relations where she developed her strong writing skills and had an extensive career in executive hospitality and event management.