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OrchardNet® Database

Future Orchards®

OrchardNet is an online database that provides live business updates from the orchard that can be shared with managers, consultants, pack houses and exporters instantaneously.  OrchardNet is available free to Australian apple and pear levy payers.

To view the Focus Orchard data in OrchardNet, please use the following login details (note both are lower case):


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Hire Right Checklist

Labour & Employment

Seasonal farm workers are essential to the apple and pear industry. Without them the industry would not have enough workers to pick and pack fruit. It is therefore very important that there are enough seasonal farm workers and that they are treated and paid fairly.

Useful tips to ensure your labour hire practices are up to scratch.

Download Hire Right checklist

Aussie Apples Guidelines, specifications and product description language

Hort Innovation

Reference document to provide Australian apple producers and packing sheds with written and pictorial quality parameters covering a number of common Australian apple varieties.

Download Quality Control Booklet

Orchard Business Analysis

Future Orchards®

As part of the Future Orchards® program, the Orchard Business Analysis (OBA),  gives a snapshot of the current productivity and economic performance of the industry, reviews industry trends on production and provides an opportunity to benchmark performance.

AgFirst have conducted the OBA since 2008 and collects physical and financial data from 24 orchards located in the eight growing regions in Australia.

APAL members and Australian apple and pear growers can request copies of the annual OBA reports using the Contact Us page or by emailing [email protected].