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Creating a better future for Australian apple and pear growers,
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Management of APAL is overseen by the APAL Board of Directors. The APAL Board comprises six Directors representing each of Australian apple-growing states (Vic, SA, WA, Qld, Tas and NSW), plus a Director for pears, and an independent Chair.


Dr. Michele Allan

Dr Michele Allan

Michele has been an APAL Director since 2014 and Chair since January 2015. Michele has extensive experience as an independent Chair, and has wide networks in the agricultural sector and government. She has also had a successful career as a CEO and has finely tuned commercial skills and financial nous.
Dr. Michele Allan

Chris Fairless

Chris joined the APAL Board in October June 2016 as APAL’s director for pears. Chris is a well-known member of the apple and pear industry having previously worked at Geoffrey Thompson Fruit Packaging Co Pty Ltd as their Coles Account Manager. Prior to that, Chris worked for National Fresh, a division of the Costa Group. Chris has a growing background, starting his career with the Fairless Group of Companies where he was Managing Director and oversaw operations of five orchard properties, six cold storage and logistics facilities as well as transport facilities.  Chris has previously been the President of the Shepparton Fruit Growers Association and the Apple & Pear Growers Association of Australia. Chris also has worked closely with the supermarkets and has good knowledge about the whole supply chain.
Dr. Michele Allan

Giuseppe ‘Joe’ Ceravolo

Joe is a director of Ceravolo Orchards and joined the APAL Board on 26 May 2015 as APAL’s Director for South Australia. Joe is a third-generation orchardist who joined the family business in 1992 after completing a Mechanical Engineering Degree at Adelaide University. He manages several orchards owned by the family across the Adelaide Hills, mainly focussing on over a hundred hectares of apples and ten hectares of cherries. Joe is also a director of the family’s juicing company, Ashton Valley Fresh, as well as being a director of Ashton Co-operative Society.
Dr. Michele Allan

Greg Mouat

Grege is an apple grower from New South Wales and has worked within the apple and pear industry for over 30 years. Greg has been a Director since 2011. He has also been a member of the Finance & Audit committee since September 2013 and is currently its Chair. Greg is a second generation orchardist from Batlow, New South Wales. He grows Fuji, Pink Lady®, Red Gala Strains and Kanzi varieties on his 10 hectare property. In addition, Greg manages a roadside fruit shop and pick your own cherry sales December to January. He is a Director of Batlow Fruit Company, is a member of the NSW Farmers Association and has been a Rotarian for more than 40 years.
Dr. Michele Allan

Kevin Sanders

Kevin is an apple grower from Victoria and has worked within the apple and pear industry for over 48 years. Kevin has been a Director since 2002. Kevin is a third-generation orchardist who, with his two brothers, grows 42 hectares of apples in Victoria’s Yarra Valley. Together they also operate a nursery to supply all their own trees. Kevin is an active member of the apple and pear industry.  a former member of the Victorian Apple and Pear Growers Council. He also sits on the Melbourne Water committee for stream diversions, is a member of Gippsland Fruit. Kevin was awarded the Victorian DPI Science Award Innovation in Agriculture / Hugh McKay award in 2010. Kevin is also a lecturer at Melbourne University.
Dr. Michele Allan

Paul Good

Paul manages operation and market development at Newton Orchards in Western Australia. He joined the APAL Board on 25 June 2015 as APAL’s director for Western Australia. Since joining Newton Orchards in Manjimup several years ago, Paul has worked in all aspects of the orchard, packhouse and sales, leading to his current role in operational management and market development. With a Bachelor of Business degree and a background in Austrade and corporate agricultural companies (Wesfarmers Landmark, Consolidated Pastoral Company and Milne Feeds Group), Paul has overseen the implementation of a solid financial and planning discipline at Newtons during a significant and challenging expansion period.
Dr. Michele Allan

Rosie Savio

Rosie Savio is part of the Savio family farming business where she manages quality assurance, financial management, marketing and part of the production and packing teams. The Savio orchard is in the top 10% of apple producers in Queensland where they have heavily invested in risk mitigation (hail netting, water storage) and have a modern and efficient cold storage and packing facility. Rosie became an APAL Director in December 2013.
Dr. Michele Allan

Scott Price

Scott has worked in the apple and pear industry for 34 years for Calvert Bros. Scott manages their Rookwood property in the Huon Valley and developed the apple orchard from a green-field site in 1984. He has been instrumental in planting new varieties and moving to high density plantings. Mr Price gained an Associate Diploma of Business in Agriculture in 1990. He was the Inaugural President of the Young Tasmanian Fruit Growers’ Association (YTFGA) from 1993-94 and was awarded the Silver Apple in 2001. He was a Board Member of the Australian Pome Fruit Improvement Program® Ltd (APFIP) from 2001-06, Chairman of the Tasmanian Quality Fruit Group from 1997-99 and is a member of the Apple Research Advisory Committee. Scott became an APAL Director in December 2011.
Dr. Michele Allan

Reg Weine

Reg Weine joined APAL as a Non-Executive Director on March 1, 2020. Reg has 25 plus years’ experience in agri-food and fast-moving consumables, including 10 years as Managing Director/CEO. Reg is the Chairman of Longtable Group (ASX:LON) that owns the Maggie Beer, Paris Creek Farm and St David Dairy brands.  Prior to joining Longtable, Reg was the Managing Director of SPC, Australia’s largest fruit processor. Before joining SPC Reg was Chief Executive Officer at Bulla Dairy Foods, Australia’s largest privately-owned dairy business. In 2014 Bulla received the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW – Presidents Medal as “Australia’s Food Producer of the Year.” Reg is also on the Board of the Starlight Children’s Foundation and is Chair of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee. Reg is a past Board Member of the Australia Food & Grocery Council (AFGC) and Chair of the AFGC’s Sustainability Committee. Reg has a B. Bus from Monash University, is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD) and is a Certified Practising Marketer with the Australian Marketing Institute.