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Unlocking the future of agriculture: Simon Kuestenmacher at the APAL Industry Forum 2024


Join Simon Kuestenmacher, Director and Co-founder of The Demographics Group, as he presents “Apples and pears through the demographic lens” at the APAL Industry Forum 2024.

With Australia facing a decade marked by a systemic skills shortage and shifting consumer preferences towards healthier food options, Simon’s insights are invaluable for businesses in the apple and pear industry.

Drawing on his expertise in demographic analysis and consumer trends, Simon offers actionable strategies for navigating these challenges.

Simon’s dynamic presentation style, coupled with his deep understanding of demographic trends and consumer behaviour, promises an engaging and enlightening session for industry professionals.

Co-founder of The Demographics Group alongside Bernard Salt in 2017, Simon has established himself as a sought-after speaker, captivating audiences across Australia and beyond.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain exclusive access to Simon’s outlook, secure your tickets now for the APAL Industry Forum 2024.


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