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Sarah De Bruin to present on the OBA at the APAL Industry Forum 2024


Sarah De Bruin, Horticulture Consultant at AgFirst will be presenting on the Orchard Business Analysis (OBA) project at the APAL Industry Forum 2024.

The OBA project provides a snapshot of the productive and economic performance of the Australian pomefruit industry and can be used for benchmarking and modelling different scenarios such as change of market, variety, and production.

Using the findings of the 2022 and 2023 forecast report, Sarah de Bruin will discuss the how vital cost awareness is to grower success, particularly at a time when input costs are increasing, and market conditions fluctuate.

Using case studies from the Upper and Lower quartiles of the data, Sarah will discuss how growers can maximise the returns available, through making strategic decisions to ensure they are growing full crops of quality fruit.

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