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Members appointed to the apple and pear SIAP and SMDP

To drive innovation and development, Hort Innovation and APAL have established two pivotal advisory panels: the Apple and Pear Research Development and Extension (RD&E) Strategic Investment Advisory Panel (SIAP) and the Strategic Market Development Panel (SMDP).

Strategic Industry Advisory Panel (SIAP)

The SIAP advises on R&D investments, guided by the Apple and Pear Strategic Investment Plan. Panellists bring diverse expertise, from production to logistics and communication, ensuring the industry’s prosperity.


  • Richard De Vos


  • Jenny Van de Meeberg
  • Nic Finger
  • Peter Melville
  • Hannah James
  • Terry Martella
  • Kevin Sanders

Strategic Marketing & Development Panel (SMDP)

The SMDP focuses on demand creation, using marketing and R&D levies. These experts have a strong background in retail, export, and industry know-how, shaping the industry’s growth.


  • Bruce Rosengarten


  • Nardia Stacy
  • Jeremy Griffith
  • Angela Bracken
  • Elisa King
  • Craig Chester
  • Glenn Carningham

These advisory panels, with their committed elected representatives, play a vital role in propelling Australia’s apple and pear industry forward. Their strategic advice ensures ongoing innovation and sustainability, promising a prosperous future for the sector, both domestically and internationally.

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