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Horticultural Netting Program update


The state governments are aiming to have their working guidelines for the Horticultural Netting Program finalised by the end of March. 

States that were part of previous netting funding schemes are updating their guidelines for the new program, in line with projected demand and the fact that this is open more broadly to horticulture industries. 

These guidelines will include: 

  • When you can apply 
  • How much you can apply for 
  • Eligibility criteria 

 The Program will be open until 30 June 2025 or until all funds are allocated. 

With the $35 million program funding extended to growing regions in Tasmania and NSW, it is hoped that many growers can benefit from this new round of funding. 

South Australia is not part of this new netting program. 

If you have any queries, contact APAL Head of Government Relations and Advocacy, Jeremy Griffith. 

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