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Pieceworker rates decision to be finalised in 2022


The Fair Work Commission decision on pieceworker rates will not be finalised until the new year. 

The Commission has released a statement providing a summary of submissions in response to the draft determination for parties to comment on until 20 January, 2022. After this time the Commission will publish their decision. 

The new determination will not come into operation until late January at the earliest. 

While this creates uncertainty heading towards the harvest season, APAL Head of Government Relations and Advocacy, Jeremy Griffith, said businesses should begin preparations now.  

“In addition to managing workers on an hourly rate, growers will have to meet new reporting and compliance requirements under the new arrangements described to date,” Jeremy said. “While the final outcome of this decision is still unclear, growers are encouraged to review their processes and systems for managing labour and compliance so that they aren’t caught out. 

“We are still calling on government to recognise the significant burden that these changes will place on growers this close to harvest season, and delay implementation to allow them time to prepare. Any significant changes such as this should be rolled out with education support to assist businesses and with well-resourced enforcement agencies.” 

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