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Webinar: Alternative controls for apple replant disease

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Replant disease is a widespread problem in apple orchards, learn from international speaker Tianna DuPont from Washington State University on how to stimulate the microbiome!

Poor growth caused by replant decline can cost growers more than USD $70–150,000 an acre (AUD $250–500,000/hectare) in reduced returns over the first four years of orchard production. Replant disease is characterised by reduced productivity in orchards repeatedly planted to the same or closely related fruit tree.

What you will learn

Join us for this short 30 minute webinar with Tianna DuPont a Tree Fruit Extension Specialist for Washington State University.  She will deliver insights from a study being conducted in three orchards in Central Washington in one to twelve-acre commercial plots.

Fumigation with 1,3 -Dichloropropene plus chloropicrin is standard before planting apples in Washington State. Tianna will discuss the results of a study looking at two microbially mediated alternatives: anaerobic soil disinfestation and brassica seedmeal applications one and two years after applications.

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