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Cosmic Crisp® arrives in Australia


Red Rich Fruits secures exclusive Australian rights to Cosmic Crisp® Apples.

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After widespread planting in the US, the Cosmic Crisp® apple is launching in Australia thanks to an exclusive agreement between Yarra Valley-based fruit grower, packer, and marketer Red Rich Fruits and varietal managers Proprietary Variety Management (PVM).

A red apple with striking starburst-like lenticels, Cosmic Crisp® is a cross between the Honeycrisp and Enterprise cultivars. The variety has a large fruit size, vigorous productivity, and good storage life – a win for growers, retailers and consumers alike.

“Cosmic Crisp® is visually very appealing with its’ deep red colour and unique lenticels; but it also has fantastic eating qualities … we’re confident the variety will fast become a staple apple variety for Australian consumers,” said Red Rich Fruits Managing Director Matthew Palise.

Cosmic Crisp® is the registered brand name for cultivar WA38; the result of over 20 years of research and development by Washington State University in the US. The name was inspired by the striking starburst-like lenticels on the apple surface, reminiscent of the cosmos; while ‘Crisp’ is a nod to its crisp texture and parentage (cv Honeycrisp).

Red Rich Fruits Director Michael Napoleone confirmed they’ve secured the exclusive rights to grow and market Cosmic Crisp® apples in Australia, in a move set to diversify and strengthen their category offerings.

“We’re delighted that the Red Rich Fruits orchards will now be its official Australian home,” he said.

Earlier this year it was reported that growers in the US are so confident the Cosmic Crisp® will be a commercial success; they’re planting them in record numbers and have injected an estimated $10 million USD over four years into marketing the new variety.

Red Rich Fruits is expecting to commence planting of Cosmic Crisp® later this year.

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WA 38 characteristics and horticulture (Washington State University article)

Cosmic Crisp® will be run as a club variety. Growers who are interested should contact Red Rich Fruits Managing Director Matt Palise at

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