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APAL to share future directions for industry support and investment at AGM

Board information

APAL’s AGM tomorrow is your opportunity to learn more about APAL’s performance over the past 12 months and how we intend to invest our international Pink Lady profits to boost the success of Australian apple and pear industry.

The AGM is open to all nominated representatives of member organisations. To register click here.

Victorian and NSW Director positions rotation

Director positions representing Victoria and NSW will also be confirmed at the AGM. Following a rigorous director selection process, the Board, Board Selection Committee and relevant State Associations have recommended Greg Mouat be reappointed to represent NSW members, and Scott Montague to represent Victorian members.

With Kevin Sanders self-nominating to represent Victorian members, Victorian members will need to vote at the meeting to appoint the Board and Fruit Growers Victoria’s recommended candidate, Scott Montague, or the incumbent Kevin Sanders, who has served on the board of APAL for the past 18 years.

To learn more about the Board’s process for selecting its preferred candidate click here.

Proxy voting has concluded, but there is still time to register and attend. 

Further information about the candidates is provided in your Notice of Meeting pack. 


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