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Victorian members to vote on APAL Director at November AGM

Board information

APAL’s Victorian members will have the choice of who represents them on the board of APAL with a director election scheduled for the APAL Annual General Meeting (AGM) next month. 

Under APAL’s constitution each state director role automatically lapses at the end of the three-year term which triggers a director selection process. The selection process involves the APAL board and the relevant state organisation (in this case Fruit Growers Victoria) forming a Director Selection Committee to seek and review nominations before recommending preferred candidate to the membership. 

For many years, APAL has been extremely fortunate to attract high calibre individuals to represent the states, pears, and to provide expertise to our board room discussions,” APAL Chair Michele Allan said.  “But just as any business needs to review and renew, so do boards and we were delighted to again attract a strong field of potential directors as part of our 2020 director selection processes for NSW and Victoria.” 

Through the selection process the Committee reviewed the comprehensive nominations received from a strong field of highquality candidates and considered how the candidates strengths could fill existing board skillsgaps and advance APAL’s goals. 

“The selection process is not about assessing whether someone is competent – all our candidates were excellent. The process is about ensuring the right mix of skills is at the board table when we are considering and determining the future directions for APAL and the industry we serve and these needs change over time,”  Michele said.  

“The board, board selection committee and Fruit Growers Victoria were united in their selection of Scott Montague as our preferred candidate for the position of director representing Victorian producers. We will present this option for endorsement by Victorian members at the AGM. 

All the candidates demonstrated great depth of understanding of our industry and in particular apple and pear production, however Scott also brings depth of experience in domestic and international marketing, trade development and fresh thinking. This sits perfectly with the challenges facing our industry and the skills the board needs to tap into if we are to achieve meaningful growth and returns for our industry,” Michele said. 

Fruit Growers Victoria (FGV) was represented on the Selection Committee by FGV Director Jake Anderson and FGV Grower Services Manager Michael Crisera. 

Jake agreed the strong field of candidates for the Victorian director position was a good problem to have. 

This year’s director selection process was an important opportunity to inject fresh experience, ideas and business acumen into the boards operations,” Jake said.  

Scott stood out as the ideal fitIt will be tremendous to have his communication and advocacy skills working on behalf of our industry and he provides an enthusiastic and approachable new face on the board of APAL – especially for our younger growers.”

The incumbent Director, Kevin Sanders, who has been on the board for 18 years is contesting the position and is calling for an election at the APAL AGM on November 12.  The APAL Constitution ensures that it is members who have the final say in this process and Ms Allan urged members to exercise their vote to ensure a representative outcome for Victorian industry.   

If members are not able to attend the AGM, they may appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf. 

Further information about the candidates, voting and how to appoint a proxy was provided in the AGM meeting notice distributed to all members last week. 

Members can register to attend the AGM and can forward questions about the AGM, member packs and voting to APAL Company Secretary Beth Schofield 

APAL’s annual financial statements and the outcome of the vote will be available following the AGM. 

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