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Appointment of APAL Directors

Board information

Each year at least two board director positions are renewed.

Under APAL’s constitution, state-representative director positions automatically lapse at the end of their three-year term, triggering the nomination process and the appointment of directors at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in November.

All six state-representative positions, as well as the director representing pears, renew across a three-year cycle and existing directors may renominate.

APAL Board of Directors

Director appointment process

The director appointment process is detailed in APAL’s Constitution.

Who can be nominated as a director?

Nominated representatives of member organisations are eligible to be nominated for the position of director on the Board of APAL.

APAL’s constitution requires a director to demonstrate knowledge and/or experience in atleast one of the following areas

(a) corporate governance;
(b) financial management;
(c) commerce;
(d) research;
(e) international trade;
(f) environmental management;
(g) apple and/or pear production;
(h) harvesting;
(i) packing;
(j) transport;
(k) marketing;
(l) retailing;
(m) exporting; or
(n) promotions.

How is a director appointed?

All eligible nominations are considered by the Director Selection Committee. The committee’s role is to recommend a preferred candidate to the board and the membership. In making its recommendation the committee considers the individual candidates as well as well as the mix of skills required by the board to enable it to fulfil its role and APAL’s strategic goals.

Once the committee confirms its preferred candidate, other members can nominate as an alternative director candidate.

If alternate candidates nominate, the appointment is determined by a vote by the membership at the AGM. If there is only one nomination the candidate will be confirmed at the AGM.

For more information

Please contact Beth Schofield, APAL Company Secretary on 03 9329 3511 or [email protected].

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