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Your apple and pear levies at work

Research & Extension

The latest Apple and Pear Fund Annual Investment Plan 2020—21 is now available on Hort Innovation’s website and provides key industry statistics and a handy summary of how apple and pear growers’ levy funds are  to be spent over the 12-month period. The plan links to individual project information which includes project-specific videos, reports and resources. The resources are updated regularly to reflect key milestones and outcomes.

The plan can be found on the Fund Management section of the Apple and Pear Fund page.

The 202021 Annual Investment Plan lists almost 50 projects that target four broad areas – competitiveness, demand, profitability and sustainability – for the apple and pear industry. The Plan confirms that since July 2016, $21.6 million has been invested across these four areas.  

The 202021 Annual Investment Plan confirms available R&D funding is fully committed through to FY2022 and so the current plan does not include new R&D projects but does include two new investments funded from the Apple and Pear Marketing Fund.  

The AIP investment decisions are guided by the Apple and Pear Fund’s Strategic Investment Plan.   



Also available via the Apple and Pear Fund page  is information on:

Fund Management

  • the apple and pear levy and elsewhere on the site How the Levy System  Works and Hort Innovation’s Levy funding model
  • where investment ideas come from and how investment decisions are made
  • the Strategic Investment Plan and role it plays in guiding investment decisions
  • the Strategic Investment Advisory Panel (SIAP), the role it plays in investment decisions and current make up of the panel
  • Financial operating statements
  • the Strategic Marketing Panel, and it current make up.

Investments – ongoing and completed projects

Research reports

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