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Nielsen has released new statistics about snack choices, including mention of behaviours around consumption of apples and pears. Understanding the context around how shoppers make their snacking decisions can help growers and industry to work out how best to market their produce.

The study identified seven key snacking profiles as a basis for better understanding the shopping behaviours and dynamics driving this category:

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Apples and healthy foods are the snack of choice for Baby Boomers.

Impulsive snackers, who purchase based on snap decisions without forethought.
Planned snackers, who pre-plan what they will eat during the day or week.
Meal replacers, who eat snacks in place of a core meal.
Healthy snackers, who avoid unhealthy snacks and specifically seek out nutritious options.
Investigators, who compare and contrast snacks with a full suite of information.
Promo snackers, who purchase solely based on price.
Indulgent snackers, who buy snacks for emotional reward and comfort.

Of these, ‘Planned’ and ‘Healthy’ snackers are the most likely to choose fruit like apples and pears over other options. A key part of the report also focuses on weekday versus weekend snacking practices, and concludes that fruit and vegetables are the leading snack type chosen by all seven profiles during weekdays.

Also of note is the demographic findings: Millennials are more inclined to be ‘Investigators’ and ‘Promo’ snackers, while Baby Boomers are more inclined to be ‘Healthy’ snackers.

Read the full summary here.


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