Future Business Update – Discretionary Mutual Fund is it feasible?

Future Business

The results are in, discover whether it’s viable to embark on a Discretionary Mutual Fund (DMF) to replace traditional insurance.

To address the rising cost of insurance premiums relating to the use of insulated sandwich panelling, an industry-wide feasibility study was conducted by APAL in 2019 to understand if the Australian apple and pear industry could benefit from pooling resources via the establishment of a Discretionary Mutual Fund (DMF).

“The data is very positive and it shows the power of aggregation. The underwriters are making a large profit from these policies and we have a great opportunity to capture that underwriting profit for the apple and pear industry,” Justin Niven, Managing Director, KJ Risk Group

About this session

Attend this half-day update to hear Justin Niven from KJ Risk Group share findings from the study and explore opportunities to work together as an industry to share insurance-related risk through a DMF. There will also be discussion around group-purchasing opportunities, in particular for workers compensation which cannot currently be mutualised.

For further information on the DMF feasibility study

Please reach out to Richelle Zealley, Manager, Future Business, APAL via email rzealley@apal.org.au or mobile 0438 634 728


Time Topic
1.15 pm Registration with light refreshments
1.30 pm Welcome
1.45 pm Discretionary Mutual Fund: is it feasible?
2.20 pm What is a mutual and how would it look for the apple and pear industry?
2.50 pm Q&A Session
3.00 pm Afternoon tea
3.30 pm Group purchasing arrangements in general insurance
4.05 pm Q&A Session
4.20 pm Workers compensation opportunities
4.50 pm Q&A Session
5.00 pm Next steps: where to from here?
5.30 pm Conclusion of Update

Who should attend

  • business owners,
  • managers,
  • other key staff

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