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Taste Australia reaches consumers via digital channels

Consumer insights

E-commerce initiatives included gift-with-purchase. Image: Hort Innovation

The Hort Innovation Taste Australia campaign aimed to educate consumers in key export markets of Thailand and Indonesia about the production and quality of Australian apples and pears, to encourage sales and increase interest with retailers and importers.  

Product differentiation and knowledge was focused not only on the taste and health benefits of apples and pears, but also the food safety standards that makes Australian produce so trustworthy. 

From the start of August to the end of October 2021, consumers were targeted with both digital and offline/in-store engagement, including gift-with-purchase promotions. The focus of Indonesia was on Australian pears, while the Thailand campaign was for both apples and pears. 

As a result of Covid-19 and supply chain issues, digital channels had to play a larger role. 

How does fruit go digital?

E-commerce spots in Thailand. Image: Hort Innovation.

In both Thailand and Indonesia, the campaign utilised: 

  • E-commerce

For two retailers in Thailand and one in Indonesia, advertising media such as banners were used across the retailer websites, and offering gifts with purchase encouraged shoppers to consider these premium Australian fruits: apples and pears in Thailand, and pears in Indonesia. 

  • Influencers – Users on social media with a significant audience in a key interest area who are paid to promote products to their audiences, engaging and ‘influencing’ purchasing behaviour 

Influencers with followers interested in health and fitness were used to reach key target audiences interested in health and fitness. The major message focused on the place of Australian apples and pears in a healthy lifestyle, including some recipes. 

  • Social media

The Taste Australia social media (Facebook and Instagram) supplemented the other activities, providing promotional and paid advertising content, as well as information on the qualities, benefits and uses of Australian apples and pears. 

What are the benefits of digital?

Aside from the impact of Covid restrictions and supply chain issues, focusing on digital channels supplemented by in-store promotions is a way of reaching potential consumers through a variety of different ‘touchpoints’. They see adverts while shopping online or just looking through their social media – even being promoted by individuals they trust to guide their behaviours (Influencers).

Key findings

  • Tens of thousands of users viewed content created by each Influencer
  • E-commerce advertising on the retailer websites reached millions of users: 3,120,000 in Thailand, 3,521,547 in Indonesia
  • Farm visuals – showing where Australian apples and pears are grown – performed well in both Thailand Indonesia on the Taste Australia social media channels
  • Consumers in Thailand appear to engage with interactive, recipe content

Read the full details in the Taste Australia report.

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