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Climate change, water and treatment of labour high priorities for newly elected Australian government


Following early results of the recent federal election and given the policy backgrounds of the ALP and the Greens, key issues such as climate change, water, treatment of labour, and chemicals will be high priorities.

The lack of agricultural workers is likely to continue to dominate government agriculture policy. APAL fully supports the ALP’s focus on labour and the treatment of labour. Although the ALP has indicated that they won’t support the AgVisa – but they will honour the memorandum of understanding with Vietnam – they are planning to implement their own agriculture work visa. They will also continue to support the current seasonal worker program – the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) scheme.

Water and environmental flows are being prioritised by the newly elected federal government. The ALP plans to implement the Murray–Darling Basin Plan, which will deliver water to South Australia.

“From a climate change point of view, the apple and pear industry is very well positioned to support the Australian economy,” said Jeremy Griffith, APAL Head of Government Relations and Advocacy. “We have a very low carbon footprint. Food production is responsible for one-quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions; however, apples are one of the most sustainable foods in the world, even including transport.”

APAL looks forward to working with the newly elected Labor federal government, particularly to ensure that implementation of their new agriculture work visa proceeds.

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