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Are you prepared for Codling Moth?

Pest and Disease Management

Image: ExtensionAus

Codling moth is an important pest of both apples and pears in most Australian growing regions. It is not present in Western Australia and is a pest of regional quarantine concern for that state. In WA, rigorous, eradication, surveillance and quarantine measures have excluded codling moth.  

In other regions, maintaining low numbers of codling moths is a high priority. 

Codling moth is generally managed using an IPM program based on: 

  • Prevention and good orchard practices 
  • Monitoring and surveillance for fruit damage and codling moth activity using a range of traps containing pheromones and plant volatiles 
  • Management 
  •  Mating disruption using pheromones 
  •  Cultural control 
  •  Chemical control 
  •  Biological control 

More information to support timely Codling Moth management is available in the recently updated IPDM manual and in the following resources:  

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