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2023 APAL Awards for Excellence – Nominations

Industry Best Practice

Nominations for 2023 APAL Awards for Excellence are closed, with the recipients being announced at the APAL Industry Forum on June 1, and within the winter edition of AFG.

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Award Categories

Lifetime Achievement Award

Open to individuals working in, or retired from, the apple/pear industry across the supply chain (previously called the Legends Roll of Honour).

  • An individual who has established excellence in the apple and pear industry in one of the following areas: growing, nursery or breeding, coolstore or packhouse, wholesale, export, consulting or agronomic advice, research development and extension, input supply, industry leadership or management.
  • Has demonstrated excellence through one of more of the following:
    • a commitment to innovation, improvement and sustainability;
    • research, development or extension identifying new opportunities for the industry;
    • the education, training or sharing of improved orchard management or processing methods across the supply chain;
    • conducting business within the industry supply chain with integrity, dedication and distinction;
    • enhancing or developing the apple and pear industry through industry advocacy;
    • providing significant volunteer contributions and demonstrated extraordinary leadership to a local, State or national representative body in service to its members; and
    • contributed a legacy for the industry’s ‘greater good’.
  • An individual who has provided motivational and inspirational leadership for the advancement of the apple and pear industry at a local community level or for the Australian apple and pear industry more generally.

Grower of the Year

A grower, orchard manager or equivalent who is:

  • Outstanding across all aspects of production, including growing, environmental management, staff management and product quality.
  • Is innovative, challenges convention and implements efficient practices (such as integrated pest management, minimising wastage, water conservation, precision agriculture, technology advances, and value-adding to product).
  • Contributes to the broader industry (such as participating in international R&D tours, industry committees, forums, conferences or field days).

Women in Horticulture

Open to women working in the apple/pear industry across the supply chain.

A female industry member who:

  • Has demonstrated outstanding ability and success in their chosen field, whether it is growing, research and development, farm management, or otherwise.
  • Shown commitment to achieving success in the industry.
  • Has a reputation for mentoring women in horticulture.

Young Grower of the Year

Open to individuals in the apple/pear industry 35 years of age or less as at 1 June 2023, who:

  • Champions the success of the industry and shows a commitment to innovation, helping to define the next generation of growers.
  • Demonstrates a high level of commitment to the industry and helps to enrich the community in which they operate as well as working with external stakeholders to introduce new perspectives.
  • Understands and practises sustainable practices and is committed to enhancing agriculture and the land.

Researcher and Extension Provider of the Year

Open to individuals working in research for the horticulture industry with a focus on apples and pears who:

  • Has a track record of research or extension work that has advanced the industry offering long-term industry benefits
  • Actively communicates research outcomes and encourages uptake of outcomes on-farm.
  • Contributes research or extension work that advances the reputation of Australian science internationally.

Marketer of the Year

Open to an individual or team from any part of the apple and pear industry value chain, including growers, packers, processors, importers and exporters, wholesalers, retailers and government agencies, who: 

  • Showed excellence in marketing apples and/or pears in domestic or international markets.
  • Created an innovative marketing campaign, solution, process or program within the last three years.
  • Created new market opportunities for pome fruit products.
  • Through marketing activities, demonstrated a significant impact on the industry with the potential for long-term positive effects through sales, awareness, reach and more.
  • Executed a marketing campaign that has delivered tangible, measurable results for the solution, process or program. 

Environment and Sustainability Award (NEW)

Open to an individual or team who has demonstrated excellence in adopting environmentally friendly practices and sustainable initiatives within the apple and pear industry, who: 

  • Have made a commitment to implementing improvements to their organisation’s environmental and sustainability practices. 
  • Have championed advocacy or leadership in the environment and sustainability practices or initiatives of the broader apple and pear industry. 
  • Harnessed external initiatives or campaigns and applied them within their organisation or business.  
  • Have conceptualised strategies/ improvements or potential solutions for the apple and pear industry in the environment and sustainability landscape, intending to move to implementation in the coming 12 months. 

Agritourism Award (NEW)

Open to an individual, team or business who demonstrates excellence in the promotion of apple and pears through programs and initiatives that shine a positive light on the industry, who: 

  • Drive awareness and education for the apple and pear industry, its people and orchard processes and businesses across the country. 
  • Have implemented programs that capture the interest of consumers and the general public and promote a better understanding of the apple/pear industries. 
  • Deliver educational programs that encourage learning and upskilling with the potential to attract people to the apple and pear industry. 
  • Create unique experiences for consumers to learn more about the apple/pear industries. 


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Secure your tickets to the APAL Industry Forum & Awards for Excellence 2023 here

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