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Opportunity to trial online WHS system

Business Management

Australian apple and pear growing businesses have the opportunity to participate in a free trial of an online workplace health and safety (WHS) management system.

APAL is working with South Australian-based Safe Ag Systems to provide an opportunity for eight businesses, of varying size and location, to participate in a three-month free trial of the software. Click here to complete an expression of interest.

This opportunity fits into the Compliance and Care and Systems and Reporting categories of the Future Business strategy and will assist business operations in the following ways:

Compliance and Care: ensuring businesses are maintaining standards and quality control. This system has the potential to enable businesses to set up an interactive, central point for policies, procedures and communication that is immediately accessible by all employees.

Systems and Reporting: making operational data useable and accessible by decision makers. This system could offer a solution for business owners looking for alternative ways of managing paperwork digitally and to demonstrate WHS legislation compliance.

The successful businesses will be granted complete access to the software which includes technical support to setup, use and review the system in their business. Following the trial period, participants will be required to share their experience in using the system during an APAL-led OH&S workshop in their growing region later in the year.

What is Safe Ag Systems?

Safe Ag Systems CEO Katy Landt said the system offers an app-based software tool to help meet WHS compliance requirements and digitise day-to-day business operations easily and efficiently in agricultural businesses.

“Demonstrating good practice and compliance adds a layer of complexity to the industry,” Katy said.

“Safe Ag Systems was created to capture what businesses are already doing and then produce the records to show they are compliant with WHS legislation in their state. At the same time, we wanted the system to help business owners educate their workers and equip everyone in the business with effective, instantaneous resources.”

Safe Ag Systems software is used by more than 500 businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand and has been successfully used to demonstrate the existence of an active safety system on farm in a number of workplace safety investigations. The offering has recently expanded to provide solutions to the horticulture industry and the team are working with Freshcare to develop a food safety and quality component of the program.

How do Safe Ag Systems help with compliance?

“Primary producers are governed by WHS/OHS law as well as National Heavy Vehicle and HR law,” Katy said.

“To ensure a business is compliant with these laws and protected from prosecution, it is essential to have a safe system of work. If an incident does occur, it’s important to demonstrate that correct procedures were followed – our system offers a solution that provides a recording and information structure that can, and has been, used during an investigation.

“Safe Ag Systems offers a way to manage and control requirements and paperwork and can be used as a productivity tool for day-to-day operations within the business.”

What does the digital software offer?

  • Safe Work Procedures
  • Inductions and Policies
  • Emergency Plan and Hazard ID
  • Critical Response Alerts and Remote Worker Location
  • Inventory and Maintenance Records
  • Visitor logs for biosecurity
  • Training and Health Records and reminders
  • Safety Inspections
  • Chemical Manifest and Digital SDS
  • Reporting for auditing and accreditation.

More information

If you are interested in participating in the free trial please complete an expression of interest via this link by Friday, 26 July.

For more information contact APAL Manager, Future Business Richelle Zealley [email protected] or visit the Safe Ag Systems website.

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