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What you need to know about the Hort Award and seasonal labour

Business Management

Fruit Growers Victoria will hold information sessions about accessing Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) workers in upcoming seasons and the changes coming to the Horticulture Award.   

This season, growers have accessed Seasonal Worker Program (SWP) workers in greater numbers.  The growers who have used SWP for the first time this year said this is the most secure they have felt with workers in years. From April, the SWP program will become the PALM program.   

Growers do not need to be Approved Employers to access PALM workers. 

From 28 April, the Horticulture Award will change how workers can be paid pieceworker rates.  This will affect every grower, as you will no longer be able to solely rely on the pieceworker rates provided by Industry Groups. 

The info sessions will provide growers with the information and tools they need to make informed decisions for the coming seasons. 

Event details

Each session will cover both topics.  Dinner will be provided. 

Session 1  

Location: GV Hotel, Shepparton 

Date: 30 March 

Time: 6.30pm  

Session 2 

Location: Pine Grove Hotel, Beaconsfield  

Date: 6 April 

Time: 6.30pm 

Registration is required for these events.  FGV members attend for free, non FGV members are welcome at a cost of $50 per person. 

Register here. 

More resources and events

Fruit Growers Tasmania (FGT) recently held in-person sessions for Tasmanian growers on changes to the Hort Award, and plan to run an online session in the week commencing 28 March. 

You can find their presentation slides and a range of resources, including guidance on piece rates, on the FGT website here. 

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