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Varroa mite expansion sparks discussion on eradication efforts


Recent news highlighting the spread of the Varroa mite into previously uninfested regions has refocused attention on the ongoing efforts to eradicate the pest. As reported over the past week, the Varroa mite has now broken outside the eradication zones, reaching new areas in New South Wales, including the Sunraysia and Riverina regions near the Victorian border.

As a signatory to the Emergency Plant Pest Response Plan Deed (EPPRD), APAL has been actively involved in the sector-wide response plan aimed at eradicating the Varroa mite over the past 12 months, including the decision-making process for mounting and managing a response and the industry’s cost-sharing obligations.

While the ultimate goal of complete eradication remains a challenge, substantial headway has been achieved in containing and limiting the spread of the pest since the detection of Varroa mite at the Port of Newcastle in June last year.

The New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) has been working through a response plan for eradication, and thanks to the combined efforts of NSW DPI, Plant Health Australia (PHA) and the 16 PIBs involved, the response plan had until recent weeks, controlled spread of Varroa mite, keeping the pest contained to the main infested areas in the greater Newcastle and the Central Coast region.

With the detection of Varroa mite in hives in new areas, APAL will continue to work closely with the National Management Group (NMG) to monitor the evolving situation and will keep industry informed about the progress and status of the response plan through APAL’s various communication channels, including Industry Juice and eDMs.

For further information, please contact APAL at [email protected] or call 03 9329 3511.

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