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South African horticulturalist and soil scientist Jorika Cronje presenting at Spring Orchard Walks

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Jorika Cronje – a horticulturalist and soil scientist from South Africa – will be the guest presenter at the annual Future Orchards® Spring Orchard Walks this month. Jorika will share the latest practices from South Africa in crop nutrition and attaining optimum fruit quality.

Jorika grew up on a fruit farm in Montagu in the Western Cape, South Africa. She studied horticulture and soil science at the University of Stellenbosch and has a Master of Horticulture. For the last 15+ years, she has worked as a consultant assisting growers with soil preparation and amelioration, and fertiliser and nutrition programs.

Jorika will be joined by Nic Finger from Fruit Help and AgFirst. Nic is a director of Fruit Help, a horticultural consultancy group based in Victoria, Australia and member of the AgFirst team for Future Orchards. Nic grew up on his family’s apple orchard in the Yarra Valley. After a couple of university degrees, extensive travel and a few years based in New Zealand, Nic now spends most of his time between apple and pear orchards in the Goulburn and Yarra valleys.

His technical orchard consultancy is predominantly based ‘on the numbers’, reflecting his studies and data-driven approach to most tasks. In addition to grower decision support, he also assists growers with orchard development planning and runs a suite of on-farm research projects each year trialling new techniques and technology.

Nic will lead discussions about using your block data to optimise returns at harvest. This will include how to identify, set and achieve crop targets, management actions to put in place, how to measure if you are on track and options if you are not on track.

This year’s spring orchard walks will take place concurrently from 14–18 November. Jorika and Nic will present at orchards on the Southern Loop: Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania and Southern Victoria.

Further information and registration details are available in the following links:

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