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Improved Australian apple and pear
orchard soil health and plant nutrition

  • Project Leader

    Dr Nigel Swarts
  • Email

    [email protected]
  • Lead Agency

    Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture

The research

The AP19006 Project is adopting a systems approach that looks at the orchard as a whole rather than trying to fix one particular component. ​

The research trials are investigating how different plantings, both interrow and along the tree-line, influence soil health, tree health and nutrition, fruit yield and quality. The treatments include a range of tree-line cover crops (legume/grass mix), composts, mulch, conventional grower bare strip and inter-row plantings (native herbaceous mix, flowering meadow mix, grass/legume mix). ​

Orchard studies are located in the five growing regions of Tasmania’s Huon Valley, Victoria’s Goulburn Valley, South Australia, Western Australia & New South Wales and reflect regional priorities and soil, climatic and management system differences. ​

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Further information contact details:
Dr Nigel Swarts
Senior Research Fellow​, TIA – University of Tasmania
[email protected]