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New toolkit makes biosecurity a breeze


Do you know a grower who is already a biosecurity hero? Nominations are open for the Australian Biosecurity Awards until Friday 30 July, 2021. 

Fast Facts: The new Biosecurity website allows users to:

  • Understand biosecurity
  • Find info relevant to them and their industry
  • Access toolkits and guides
  • Report biosecurity threats easily

The Australian Government has launched a new website to get businesses and individuals around the country putting biosecurity into practice in their day-to-day activities.  

Using the website, Australians can find the information that is relevant to them, by industry and by state. 

Some of these roles include: 

Biosecurity matters

Rosalie Daniel, APAL’s Technical Manager, said this website makes it easier to find relevant biosecurity information, providing links to sites with information about biosecurity in everyday practice. 

“Biosecurity is about being aware, prepared and taking action. Everyone has a role to play” Rosalie said. “Biosecurity begins with applying best practices in the orchard so that they become a normal part of the everyday, and it extends through the entire system to market access and trade.” 

When it comes to primary producers, biosecurity preparedness can have far-reaching implications for the entire industry. Australia’s biosecurity system forms part of our market access and trade agreements both between states and overseas markets. The cornerstone of the apple and pear industry is trade and biosecurity breaches can lead to a pause or loss of market access.  

The introduction of unwanted pests has the potential to be costly, not only in the orchard, but for the industry as a whole.  

The new biosecurity website is a hub of easy-to-access materials and guides, including: 

  • How to report biosecurity concerns 
  • How to spot pests and diseases 
  • Interstate quarantine and produce entry restrictions 
  • Weed identification tools 
  • Plant production standards

Apple leaf curling midge (credit: NSW Dept of Primary Industries)

The website also has current news and updates about biosecurity issues and legislation, as well as research resources such as ‘Feral scan’ to map feral animals. 

“This new online tool could help us be more aware of and better prepared against unwanted pests such as Apple leafcurling midge and European canker,” Rose said. “Biosecurity can seem very complex, but by increasing community and industry knowledge and working together to address clear actions, we can be more prepared together.” 

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