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New pear export opportunity to India


A cut of 50 per cent on the tariff on pear exports into India as part of the recently signed trade agreement offers a significant new opportunity for the Australian pear industry.

The Australia-India Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (AI-CECA) is an important step forward in Australia’s trade relationship with India. Signed on 2 April, it is expected to come into force in late 2022.

APAL’s Head of Trade Jenny Van de Meeberg said the AI-CECA will offer access to the large Indian market of nearly one and a half billion consumers.

It offers improved access for a range of agricultural and industrial products in a market that had largely been closed off due to high tariffs on Australian exports.

“APAL is pleased to see a clear outcome for Australian pears which will enable a greater volume of product to be exported to the market under more competitive conditions,” Jenny said.

Australian pears will see a permanent annual quota of 3,700 tonnes for pears with an immediate halving of the current tariff rate of 30 per cent.

“This presents a significant opportunity for the Australian pear industry and is a positive step on the industry’s journey towards increasing pear exports,” Jenny said

Fresh pear exports to June 30 2021, according to the Australian Horticulture Statistics Handbook 2020/21, were 8,229 tonnes, of which the top three markets were New Zealand (35 per cent), Canada (14 per cent) and Singapore (11 per cent).

The AI-CECA does not extend to trade in apples at this point in time. APAL is continuing to work with the Australian Government to identify areas of mutual benefit where our two countries can work together in the trade of apples.

“Whilst the recent announcement does not include apples, APAL is optimistic that a way forward can be negotiated in time and we look forward to continuing to support the Australian Government’s dialogue with India,” Jenny said.


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