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Hail and floods clouded the 2023 pomefruit season, what will the 2024 season look like?

Technology & Data

The 2023 pome fruit season was marred by unexpected challenges such as hail and floods, leaving some growers uncertain about what lies ahead for the 2024 season. To help the industry navigate through these uncertainties, APAL is inviting all growers to contribute their data and register for the Crop Forecast. This valuable tool provides crucial insights into the growing conditions and forecasts production and packout for the upcoming season.

By registering for APAL’s Crop Forecast, you gain access to a comprehensive report that sheds light on the state of play for the 2024 pome fruit season. This report is an essential resource, enabling growers to make informed decisions and plan their operations accordingly. It allows you to stay ahead of the curve and adapt your strategies based on the forecasted conditions.

To register your interest and contribute your data, simply email Lauren Mann at [email protected]. Please ensure you reach out by 18 December 2023 to secure your spot. Lauren will guide you through the registration process and provide any additional information you may require.

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