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Future Orchards Spring Walks: Choosing your future

Business Management

What is your crop plan? Do you know your block numbers?

APAL’s Future Orchards® Spring Orchard Walks wrapped up last week. At the walks, Nic Finger and Jonathan Brookes from the AgFirst team talked about making sure you have a plan going forward to get the best results for your efforts, and the importance of understanding your block numbers – for every block.

Jonathan and Nic talked about profitability being about maximising Class 1 fruit (crop load, quality, optimum fruit size) and the returns/kg.

Making sure you have a plan, with numbers for every block, means that you are more in control where you can be, and can use those numbers to set and achieve targets, and understand which blocks are profitable and which are not. Consider what worked well last time and what you might do differently to achieve what you want to.

You can view their presentation here.

Nic Finger and Jonathan Brookes presenting at the Future Orchards Spring Orchard Walk at Hankin’s Orchard in Tasmania.

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