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Free tech audits for Victorian growers 

Technology & Data

Agriculture Victoria is offering free 30-minute on-farm technology audits for orchards to help growers better understand their on-farm technology. 

Digital agriculture is becoming an increasingly important aspect of growing fruit, with increased connectivity giving growers the chance to make more informed decisions and improve productivity. 

Access to reliable network coverage is a key barrier to farmers adopting technology, and the state body is keen to gain an understanding of where areas of improvement could lie, with growers to benefit by being given an increased understanding of options specific to their own farm or orchard.  

Technology audits are conducted over the phone, at a time that suits the grower during business hours.  

It gives the grower a chance to talk about the technology available on the farm or orchard at the moment,” says Agriculture Victoria’s Andy Clark.  

“We will talk for about half an hour about what connectivity, hardware, sensor technology and software the grower might have already or want. 

From that, we can assess the barriers and options and document the audit so when the grower investigates new technology, they have this background information all in the one place. 

For example,  if say they want to go and get a new irrigation system, they will have an overview of the connectivity and technology already on farm to give the supplier as a background to their current working practices. 

Andy indicates that most growers who have accessed the free audits so far are in the initial or early stages of adopting digital agriculture and enquiries are welcome from both growers who are new to digital agriculture, or those more experienced.  

Growers can register for a free 30-minute audit at or contact Andy ClarkIndustry Technology Coordinator, Agriculture Victoria,  on 0436 804 656 for more information. 


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