Future Business Risk Management Workshop – Orange

Future Business

Attend our first Future Business workshop series as we examine risks and obligations facing business owners and managers in the pome industry.

Understanding risk can play a major role in protecting a business in times of crisis. Knowing how to identify, plan and manage these risks can help reduce the impact of unexpected events.

This workshop will explore the key components of risk, looking at existing business risks and how to mitigate them. There will be an opportunity to explore who owns and controls specific data and information and how financial reporting and strategy play a role in effective management.

The presenters will touch on a range of topics including:

  • practical applications that promote ease of reporting and processes;
  • the key components of risk;
  • current risks to business;
  • how to prepare for and mitigate risk;
  • the responsibility on health and safety;
  • internal controls;
  • environmental impacts; and
  • an opportunity in the industry to share risk through the creation of a Discretionary Mutual Fund.

Who should attend

  • business owners,
  • managers,
  • safety officers, and
  • other key staff