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2021 Autumn Future Orchards® Walk – Southern Victoria

Future Orchards®

Is Covid-19 reshaping our orchards and industry?

In coming years, we may reflect on 2020 as the year we saw a step-change in how our industry attracts and retains permanent and seasonal labour.

So what could a more resilient and reliable labour supply look like, how will our orchard design and operations need to change, and how will this flow through to immediate and longer-term business investments and profitability?

Ross Wilson and Craig Hornblow from AgFirst will join our Autumn Future Orchards® walks online from New Zealand to explore some actions that you can take to reshape your labour needs and your orchard to

  • get the job done on time and well
  • reduce the costs of labour per kg of fruit
  • ensure orchards are workable by a broader demographic of staff, and
  • make orchards an employer of choice

Local orchard walk – Old Oak Orchards

Nic Finger of Fruit Help and our hosts Andrew and Gavin Corbett of Old Oak Orchards will take us in-orchard to discuss

  • New planting systems and varieties (Envy, Kanzi – both single and twin stem configurations, SweeTango)
  • Producing high quality fruit from older plantings to meet the quality needs of some of Melbourne’s leading greengrocers.

Program outline

12:30 pm  Light lunch provided on arrival

1 pm  Streamed presentation plus live Q&A session 

Ross Wilson and Craig Hornblow, AgFirst  

How is Covid-19 reshaping our orchards?

Woori Yallock Football Club

2 pm  In-orchard demonstration 

Nic Finger, Fruit Help 

Andrew and Gavin Corbett, Old Oak Orchards

Old Oak Orchards 

Enter at 321 Douthie Rd, Seville East VIC 

–  proceed past dam to big shed 

3:30 pm  Concludes   

Registration is essential to ensure compliance with COVID safety regulations. 

By registering in advance you will receive a reminder the day before and an hour before the event commences. 

For further information

Rose Daniel, APAL Technical Manager

Contact: 03 9329 3511 or [email protected]

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Future Orchards® is an APAL project funded by Hort Innovation using the apple and pear levy with matched funds from the Australian Government.