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Biosecurity training for orchard workers and visitors


With harvest approaching there may be more people than usual coming onto your property. Do you know where they have come from?

When farm visitors – including staff, contractors, crop advisors and other people who are critical to the running of your orchard business – enter your orchard or packing shed there is also an increased risk of pests and diseases being introduced to your farm.

Pests and diseases can hitch a ride on anything that moves – this includes clothing, shoes, hands, vehicles, soil, plant material and even the food brought in by staff. Workers also can be vectors for pest spread and/or introduction.

Training staff in biosecurity best practice and procedures should form part of their induction process just like WHS, for example.

Examples of farm worker information sheets and videos can be found here:

Other simple things that you can do to manage visitors coming onto your property (and may already have in place) include:

  • installing signs to indicate farm biosecurity practices are in place
  • installing signs to direct traffic to designated parking areas and inform visitors about access points
  • ensuring shoes and clothes are clean by providing accessible cleaning equipment such as boot brushes and footbaths
  • using a visitor sign-in register.

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