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Apple and pear industry benefits from revised IPDM manual

Pest and Disease Management

By Emily Crawford (Agriculture Victoria)

The well-regarded Integrated Pest Disease and Weed Management (IPDM) manual for Australian Apple and Pears has been newly revised and is now available online. 

This practical manual is part of the legacy of Agriculture Victoria Entomologist David Williams and Plant Pathologist Oscar Villalta, who are both retiring in the near future after long, extensive careers.  

The information and high-quality photos contained in the 314-page manual is largely due to the depth of knowledge and efforts of the two scientists.  

The manual includes useful information on how to develop an IPDM plan, key pests and diseases, integrated weed management, how to optimise the effectiveness of mating disruption, in addition to tables showing the toxicity of pesticides on beneficial species.  

Apple and Pear Australia Ltd (APAL) Technical Manager Rose Daniel said the manual is a comprehensive resource for those interested in IPDM. 

“It contains not only information about how to manage local pests and diseases using an integrated approach for Australian orchards and conditions, but it also provides details about unwanted pests that are not present in Australia and what to look out for,” Daniels said.  

“One of the most valuable and rare things about this manual is the local information that has been included by the two authors through working in different regions with growers and advisors, which ensures the information is relevant, topical and applicable,” she said.  

The manual contains valuable visual resources, including photos, diagrams and graphs  

The first edition of the manual was published in 2009 by Shane Hetherington on behalf of Apple and Pear Australia Ltd. The newly revised edition was prepared by David Williams and Oscar Villalta (Agriculture Victoria) with contributions by Stephen Quarrell (University of Tasmania), Kevin Dodds (NSW DPI), Paul James (Lenswood Co-op), Alison Mathews and Stewart Learmonth (WA DPIRD). 

David Williams, Principal Research Scientist with Agriculture Victoria, was the driving force behind the revised manual. David is an entomologist who has extensive experience working in orchards and with growers to implement his research, with an integrated pest and disease management approach.

Oscar Villalta is a retired Plant Pathologist who contributed to the disease sections of the revised manual whilst at Agriculture Victoria.

The revised manual was funded by Hort Innovation project AP16007 An Integrated Pest, Disease and Weed Management Program for the Australian Apple and Pear Industry, using the Apple and Pear research and development levy and contributions from the Australian Government. 


Additional funding was provided by the Victorian Government through the Agriculture Victoria group in the Department of Jobs Precincts and Regions; the New South Wales Government through the Department of Primary Industries; the Queensland Government through the Department of Agriculture Food and Fisheries; the Western Australian Government through the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development; and the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture within the University of Tasmania. 

What do the advisors say?

Elizabeth Mace, field officer for GV Crop Protection

“I have used the former manual extensively through my time in the industry, for identification, solution and prevention. I recommend my clients download a copy to have at their fingertips at any time, this way we are speaking the same language which helps us both understand what is happening and saves confusion.”

“Most IPDM techs and advisors use the standard monitoring procedures and models provided in this manual, these are great tools for record keeping”.

Elizabeth Mace, field officer for GV Crop Protection, works closely with growers undertaking IPDM management and orchard monitoring.

Adam Upton, Upton Agronomy

“The new version of the manual has excellent in-depth detail on the pests and diseases seen in orchards and there is great knowledge and reference to the biosecurity continuum required to manage an IPDM system of today’s standards”.

Adam Upton, Upton Agronomy, is an independent agronomist in Southern Victoria. His experience includes all areas of IPDM, management of compliance to export markets as well as a wide knowledge base of soil science and nutrition.

For further information please contact Emily Crawford at 

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