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APAL State of the Industry webinar wrap-up


Over recent weeks, APAL has been highlighting to growers the importance for the industry to understand the macro drivers shaping growers’ returns this coming year.

Through the APAL Industry Forum and subsequent meetings in Melbourne during Hort Connections, APAL has been encouraging growers to consider directing its efforts, attention and resources to aspects that the industry can influence or change, rather than focusing on factors beyond our control.

Following this, all Australian apple and pear growers were invited to attend a State of the Industry webinar that took place on Thursday last week. During this webinar, Phil Turnbull, APAL CEO, explored the industry’s primary challenges and shared insights derived from the APAL Orchard Census, explaining how this information can empower decision-making and improve productivity and efficiency for orchard businesses.

Discussing trends in the rising cost of production and labour and overlaying this with data-led insights from the APAL Orchard Census, Phil highlighted the importance of growers assessing and understanding the productivity of existing orchards before preparing for the 2025 crop.

To ensure orchards will be profitable in the current high-cost environment, Phil stressed the importance for growers to do the analysis and review their underperforming blocks before investing in next year’s crop. This was an “act now” directive, given the current climate of high input costs, shifts in labour cost and availability and supply and demand dynamics in the domestic market.

Did you miss the webinar? APAL will hold a second session this Thursday, June 20, at 4:00pm to replay last Thursday’s webinar, exclusive to Australian apple and pear growers.

To register for this webinar, click here.


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