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APAL Export Hub launched

Export & Market Access

The APAL Export Hub is now live, offering exclusive updates on trade-related issues, market insights and data, and the apple and pear industry’s export strategies and action plans.

Members of the APAL Export Hub will be able to access:

  • the latest market intelligence and trade data
  • up-to-date technical guidance
  • exclusive apple and pear trade-related materials as they are released
  • notifications from government agencies
  • the apple and pear industry’s export strategy and annual action plans
  • information from our offshore trade network
  • opportunities to participate in trade events
  • notification of export-related grants offered by state and/or federal bodies.

The Australian apple and pear industry is in a period of continuing production growth, raising predictions of domestic market saturation in the near future. Designed to bring a collaborative approach to export, improve market access, mitigate the risks of market disruptions and improve export capability and competitiveness, the Apple & Pear Market Access and Trade Development Project is jointly funded through grower levy payments and APAL.

Register now to gain access to the APAL Export Hub.

For further information about the APAL Export Hub, please contact us via [email protected].

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