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AgChem update for pomefruit

Pest and Disease Management

The latest Ag Chemical Updates providing information about regulatory developments and changes to use patterns of crop protection products has been released by Hort Innovation.  

APVMA Label Extensions and registrations of interest to apple and pear growers 

  • Adama has added pears to the label of Brevis Fruit Thinner (metamitron)  
  • Agnova has applied to register a new Group 13 fungicide MIGIWA® (ipflufenoquin) for use in apples and pears. The fungicide is also currently going through registration processes for use against powdery mildew on pome fruit in the USA.   
  • NuFarm registered a new Group 19 fungicide polyoxin-D zinc salt (Intervene®) for use against powdery mildew (Podosphaera leucotricha) and Alternaria leaf and fruit spot (Alternaria mali) in apples.  
  • Syngenta have applied to extend the Switch® fungicide label to include control of leaf and fruit blotch caused by Alternaria species on apples (Hort Innovation ST17000). 

Domestic regulatory developments 

Chlorpyrifos is currently under review by the APVMA.  

When all component risk assessments have been completed (expected in 2022) the proposed regulatory decisions will be drafted.   

Chlorpyrifos has been cancelled for use in the EU, has reduced use in Canada and is currently being reviewed by JMPR (Codex).  

International developments of relevance to apple/pear growers 

The European Commission is considering: 

  • a proposal to limit the use of captan to protected cropping only 
  • non-approval for soil fumigants chlorpicrin and 1,3-dichloropropene 


  • the US EPA has ended the use of chlorpyrifos on food crops and has proposed revoking all chlorpyrifos MRLs from February 28 2022. 


The latest Agrichemical Regulatory Risk Assessment (August 2021) will be available on the Hort Innovation website shortly. Follow the link to apples or pears here. 

Please refer to product labels for details on application rates, withholding periods and other instructions. 

Ag Chemical Updates are produced as part of the Hort Innovation-funded project Regulatory support and coordination (pesticides) (MT17019) and provide an opportunity to review and respond to any issues that may impact on pesticide access and use.  

If you have any comments or questions regarding the above, please contact Rosalie Daniel, Technical Manager at APAL. 

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