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Woolworths make changes to packaging for kids apples


Credit: Channel 7 News

Replacing plastic packaging with recyclable cardboard boxes for children’s apples is one of several sustainability-related changes announced by Woolworths this week.

The supermarket giant said backlash from consumers over it’s packaging for kids bananas, apples and pears ‘Fresh Food Kids’ range led to the change.

The other major change was the availability of paper shopping bags as an option to buy in all supermarkets.

In all industries, consumers are becoming more and more environmentally conscious, with environmental footprint consistently among the top consumer concerns in global retailers’ surveys.

Over 60 growers, marketers and other industry personnel tuned in last week as APAL held the second installment of its webinar series last week, titled Eco-credentials and sustainability. Among the topics discussed was the increasingly ethically-based decision making process used by consumers when shopping.

Dr. Brent Clothier, Plant and Food Research NZ, emphasised the value of looking after ‘natural capital’ (inputs such as soil, water, sun) to ensure ecosystem services (eg. nutrient cycling, soil formation, climate regulation, disease and pest regulation) continue to be available to ensure food security, health, well-being and ultimately life on earth.

The APAL webinar series presentations are recorded and made available on the APAL website. View the Eco-credentials and sustainability webinar by clicking here.

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