Welcome to APAL’s new website

Welcome to APAL’s new website.  The new website was published on 24 June 2016 and in the first month we’re going to be doing some additional user testing to get feedback and make further improvements – so do let us know what you think by contacting Sophie Clayton on 03 9999 2701.


Why have you changed the website?

The primary reason for the new website is that we want to make our vast library of technical content for growers more available and easier to find. Our new menu features three core technical sections that aim to organise that information into categories so you can find it. Those three sections are: Growing, Packing and Selling. This is still a work in progress and there is still more content we will sort and categorise.

Also, APAL’s old website was using an old template and had some technical issues that we needed to fix, it also had an old design that we wanted to modernise and simplify.

I can’t find an old page, where has it gone?

Most links and pages from the old website have been moved to the new website and the old urls will still work. However, some content has been archived because it was out of date and is therefore not available on the new website. And there are still a handful of pages we are updating before we re-publish them on the new website. Over the next few weeks we will make all final adjustments.

If you can’t find an old page or information and you really want it – trying searching for it first or contact us so we can assist you accessing that information.

Where is the member login area?

There is no longer a member login area. The APAL Board agreed to share all our technical information via open and unrestricted access to encourage its use and foster collaboration and sharing among partners. Confidential information for APAL members will be shared via other means.


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