Victoria state report -Aug/Sep 2018

FGVL’s inaugural conference preparations are in full swing.

Attendance was high at Victoria’s winter Future Orchards® walks.

FGVL is really pleased with the support from local and national sponsors. The key now is to get as many grower delegates as possible to attend from not just interstate but also locally. Registration and the program is available on the FGVL website. The conference will be held 16-17 August at the Eastbank Centre in Shepparton.

Many pear growers in the Goulburn Valley have been faced with the question of whether to prune their pears for next season or bulldoze them out. As of 25 June, 35,000 Williams pear trees have been removed. The key for growers is to continue to export and stay firm on domestic prices so that pear growers can survive for another season.

Winter chill plays an important part in setting up for next year’s crop. The APFIP website provides data on chill units: Growers will monitor winter chill until dormancy breaks for each variety. Southern Victorian growers are reporting good levels of chill to date.

Growers in the Yarra Valley recently met to rally support for a sterile fruit fly release this spring, as part of the eradication process for any possible overwintering Queensland fruit fly (Qfly) from the incursion last autumn. Voluntary contributions towards an area-wide management grid are encouraged. For more information about Qfly in the Yarra Valley contact the regional Qfly coordinator, Bronwyn Koll from Agribusiness Yarra Valley, on or 0490 381 999.

Both winter APAL Future Orchards® walks were huge successes, with great numbers attending Montague Orchards at Narre Warren and Sciacca Orchards at Merrigum.

The Victorian Government has passed a new labour hire licensing bill through Parliament. What this means for growers is uncertain now and FGVL will be seeking information from the government as to how the labour hire licensing commission will work to benefit rather than hinder growers. The new laws will be take effect in November 2019.

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