Variety Showcase and Sensory Tasting Session

The Sensory Tasting Session added some fun to the jam-packed 2016 National Horticulture Convention program and a twist to the Variety Showcase, it also raised the point that everyone tastes differently which is why there is such diversification or fruit available.

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APAL and APFIP enlisted the help of Richard Cornish, an award-winning food writer,  who took participants on a descriptive journey – helping to build an alternative vocabulary to just crisp and sweet when describing apples and pears.

Some of the language expressed during the session included green grass, lucerne, summer pasture and even olive oil. Lots of apple memories were shared including that of Grandma in the kitchen cooking apple pie. Hopefully the session encouraged the industry to think more about the language around selling fruit and how language can help set one variety apart from the next.

ABC Wide Bay reporter Kallee Buchanan was at the Convention and interviewed Richard about the session and why it’s important to taste beyond the basic description of ‘sweet and crunchy’.

The Variety Showcase has been a core element of the apple and pear program for the last three Conventions. The showcase is an opportunity for orchardists and industry members to see some of Australia’s best new and emerging apple and pear varieties. Attendees were able to look at, taste, and discuss the new varieties with representatives, and the varieties on show this year were: Aztec, Bravo, Challenger (dalivar), EnvyTM, EveTM, PappleTM, JazzTM, JulieTM, Kanzi®, ModiTM and RockitTM.

This year the booths were branded with each variety and were moved to APAL’s meeting space, the Pome Zone within the Trade Show following the Variety Showcase. Further exposure from the Pome Zone meant all 1,500 Convention delegates had access to the new varieties.

Flavour infused apple slices, apple fibre and other value added products, supplied by the Food Revolution Group, were also offered in the Pome Zone to showcase alternative opportunities for fruit.

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