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Variety of current grants available to boost apple and pear growers

Research & Extension

Fully funded scholarships are now available for women in the apple and pear industry to complete a range of leadership courses with Women in Leadership Australia 

Those scholarships headline what is a large pool of grants currently open and available to growers, ranging from drought resilience and bushfire recovery to technological improvements and innovation ideas.  

Women in Leadership 

How much: Fully funded course positions  

Closing date: Friday October 9 

Funded by: Hort Innovation/Women in Leadership Australia 

A recent decision to provide apple and pear levy-funded ‘top-up’ scholarships to a range of Women in Leadership scholarships effectively means there are five fully-funded leadership course opportunities available exclusively to women in the apple and pear industry. 

Together with Women and Leadership Australia, Hort Innovation funds scholarships partially covering the costs of the three courses run by WLA in 2021 using the Frontiers Leadership Fund.  

In addition, the Apple and Pear Strategic Investment Advisory Panel (SIAP) recently chose to add apple and pear levy funds to the investment and offer three Leading Edge and two Executive Ready topup scholarships. Taken together, the scholarships cover the full cost of course participation.  

The grants are allocated with the specific intent of providing powerful and effective development opportunities for women within the horticulture sector.​ Funding is available to women working in both levy and non-levy paying organisations 

Click here for more information or to apply. 

Smart Farms Small Grants 

How much: Up to $100,000 

Closing date: Friday October 9 

Funded by: Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment 

Supports one- to two-year projects that boost best practice sustainable farming awareness, skills and capacity 

Projects across a range of areas such as pest control, vegetation management, farm input efficiency, climate and market management, and the use of new technologies are eligible.  

Click here for more information, or to apply.  

Science and Innovation Awards for Young People in Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. 

How much: Up to $22,000 

Closing date: Friday October 2 

Funded by: Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment 

The Science and Innovation Awards is a competitive grants program open to 18-35 year olds to undertake new and creative scientific-based research to benefit Australia’s agricultural industries, with 10 individual award categories available worth $22,000 each.  

Click here for more information, or to apply.  

RIC interest-free drought loans 

How much: Two years interest-free loans 

Closing date: Wednesday September 30 

Funded by: Regional Investment Corporation (RIC) 

Not a grant as such, but growers and farm-related small businesses have until 30 September 2020 to take advantage of two years’ interest free from the Regional Investment Corporation (RIC) before the drought-related loan terms change.  

Drought and AgBiz Drought loans have offered two years’ interest free terms, followed by three years’ interest only and five years’ principal and interest payments. Drought and AgBiz Drought loan applications made after 30 September 2020 will be subject to five years’ interest only and five years’ principal and interest. 

Click here for more information.  

Strengthening Rural Communities 

How much: $10,000 – $25,000 

Closing date: Tuesday November 24 

Funded by: Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR) 

The Strengthening Rural Communities (SRC) program aiming to provide funding to thousands of small communities in order to support community needs, including those impacted by bushfires.  

FRRR is a not-for-profit organisation that harnesses the power of collective investment between government, business and philanthropy to improve the lives of those living in rural, regional and remote Australia. 

Click here for more information, or to apply.  

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