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UTAS Masterclass in Hort Business open for 2021 intakes

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The University of Tasmania Masterclass in Horticultural Business course is now open for 2021 intakes.

The course is run in conjunction with Hort Innovation and has been around since 2017, and focuses on the development of a personal business plan.

Students take in a wide range of subjects as part of the course including  Financial Management, Horticulture Management, People and Culture, Value Chain Management and Logistics, Horticulture Marketing and Communication, Global Trends and International Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Business Development and Strategy.

APAL Young Grower of the Year Matthew Grigg undertook the Masterclass in 2019, and said the course taught him a great deal.

“It was really, really good, I’m so glad I got the chance to do it,” he said earlier this year.

“The biggest point I took home was the concept around value creation.

“One big issue at the moment is all the different new varieties coming out. No-one seems to know which one to go for.

“Attached to them are sometimes quite exorbitant fees to market them. At the end of the day all club varieties are locked into a higher priced segment of the market just to pay for the additional associated costs, most of which add little value for the end consumer.

“Some do, but unless they’re increasing the value in the customers’ eyes by more than the extra cost to you per kg, they aren’t worth it.”

The course takes in students from a variety of horticulture industries, admittance based on professional experience and aptitude. Completion of the course results in a Graduate Diploma in Agribusiness, specialisation in Horticultural Business.

While there is no scholarship for apple and pear growers this year, growers are encouraged to look into the course to see if it is right for them in enhancing their skills and knowledge.

The course begins in February 2021.

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