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In 2018 the US requested market access into Australia for apples grown in its North-West.

Due to trade agreements, Australia cannot object this request on commercial grounds. The Federal Government is required to prepare an Import Risk Assessment to understand any potential biosecurity risks. If it is deemed the imports posed a considerable biosecurity risk to growers in Australia, the request can be objected.

The Australian Government recently released a draft report into biosecurity arrangements for the import of US apples into Australia.

APAL has formed an advisory group of technical experts and industry advisors who will prepare a response to the report over the next few months.

Given the importance of the issue to many growers, we have set up a dedicated page where you can find basic information on the issue of US apple imports into Australia, as well as regular updates as more information comes to light.


APAL calls for collaboration on US imports issue (11 November 2020)

Media watch: US Imports (4 November 2020)

APAL begins review of US Apple Import Risk Assessment (28 October 2020)

US imports statement (23 October 2020)

Key documents

Draft report for the review of biosecurity import requirements for fresh apple fruit from the Pacific Northwest states of the United States of America


Feedback on the report can be made by a group or individual here. 

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