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University partnership to deliver industry benefits

Business Management

During an industry scan at the beginning of 2019, utilities such as energy and water and business benchmarking were identified by industry as areas to explore further. APAL has partnered with the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Business and Economics to progress these two areas.  

The Masters-level students are halfway through their 12-week projects and are working closely with the APAL team to deliver practical, meaningful information that will be available to industry once complete. 

Sustainability and energy efficiency 

The goal of this project is to research and profile energy practices and identify potential opportunities for businesses looking to invest in sustainable activities.  

The research will provide examples and case studies of how different practices, of varying expense, have impacted horticulture and agriculture businesses. Many grants and funding streams are also available and the work will assist in arming industry with knowledge about options to potentially replace traditional energy sources and practices.  

The project will deliver a central information source for apple and pear growers to assess their energy use and opportunities to adopt reliable, affordable and sustainable alternatives.  

Benchmarking and business analysis 

This project will provide a better understanding of cost of production for individual businesses and across the industry. The team are working to develop a consistent suite of business benchmarks to assist growers and advisers undertake meaningful business analysis and more informed decision making. 

Initial findings will be presented to APAL later this year and will feed into the design of several training and development tools and opportunities for apple and pear business operators and service providers. 

 For more information or to participate in these projects, contact Manager, Future Business Richelle Zealley: or 0438 364 728. 

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