Top pick of Pink Lady® brand campaigns

From Europe to Asia, there are some great examples of how companies who are licensed to use the Pink Lady® brand by APAL use it creatively to build marketing campaigns to add value to Pink Lady apples.   

The Pink Lady Apple a Day category winning entry for 2016.

The Pink Lady Apple a Day category winning entry for 2016.

The success of the Pink Lady brand can be distilled down to one simple objective, and that is ‘availability’. Availability comes in two forms, the first and the one we all easily grasp is ‘physical’ availability – get your brand into as many places where people want to buy your brand as you can. The second is the real challenge and the art of creating a successful brand, which is ‘mental’ availability – that your brand is mentally available when a consumer is shopping or considering your category.

The reason this is an art is because most brand purchase decisions are made with the emotional brain. Theory suggests that trying to harness this is difficult. So creating simple, consistent, easy to remember brand assets (such as logos, packaging and promotional graphics with a specific look etc.) that trigger instinctual responses is the most efficient path to success for your brand. Pink Lady’s global success is built on these principles.

Today I will walk you through some recent examples of this work in both our emerging and established markets. Something to keep in mind when reading through them is the concept of differentiation and distinctiveness. Many brands in the apple category seem to get this wrong, because most consumers favour their emotional brain when making a purchase decision, and therefore most people don’t perceive any difference between brands. Or, that the difference actually matters when buying them.

What is important is not differentiation, but being distinctive. Distinctive brand assets are those that are memorable and attractive and provide sensory, semantic cues for your target market. Over time, Pink Lady has carved out some very distinctive assets – especially for the apple category such as logo, tagline, colour and packaging – creating a strong and successful platform for new and established market growth.

Snackisfaction by Coregeo (UK)

Snackisfaction Guaranteed

Pink Lady has doubled its share of the UK apple market to over 10 per cent of volume in just over five years. Physical availability has been built on strong retailer relationships and some smart co-branding choices. This has allowed Coregeo, a wholly owned subsidiary of APAL, to focus their brand marketing on growing outside the category and bringing Pink Lady’s distinctive assets to the healthy snacking category.

The Snackisfaction campaign has been running for three years and has driven the membership base of their Pink Lady club to over 100,000 across a wide range of static and digital media, which has shifted brand awareness from 67 per cent in 2011 up to 80 per cent in 2016.

Snackisfaction drives initiatives such as the snack swap challenge, snacking recipes and support for healthy outdoor activities such as the London Marathon where convenient snacking connects with participants. Most importantly it links with retailers’ in-store sampling and promotional activities, as well as outdoor sampling in support of family events. It is a well branded and distinctive campaign for the apple category that continues to evolve and support the large and growing volume of Pink Lady product imported into the UK across the year.

Design a shopping bag by Pink Lady Europe

Pink Lady shopping bag

Simple and effective, the premium designer shopping bag is central to Pink Lady Europe’s trade marketing activities and helps to secure support at store level for an often higher priced apple.

Designs in the past by the likes of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada have given the humble shopping bag ‘must have’ status for European shoppers each season. In 2016, Pink Lady Europe used social media to connect with artists, students and the public to develop their new bag design. This was an effective way to link social media to retail sales activity, and to reinforce the distinctive way Pink Lady Europe approaches their branding and marketing.

Food Photographer of the Year sponsorship by Coregeo (UK)


Entries are currently open for the 2017 Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year competition and close Sunday, 5 February.

In partnership with Caroline Kenyon and the Food Awards Company, Coregeo took out major sponsor status of the prestigious Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year Awards in 2012, and continues to innovate as the naming rights sponsor.

Judged by credentialed and high profile chefs such as David Loftus and Curtis Stone, the awards have helped reinforce Pink Lady as a high quality brand and premium product.

In 2016, in a bid to harness the success of the annual Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year an additional monthly Instagram competition, aimed at everyday consumers taking food photos, was launched where the public could post any picture depicting food using the following tags #plfpotysept, @pinkladyappleuk, @foodphotoaward.

It is a global initiative supported by magazine and digital media. Everyone seems to like to take photos of their food these days, so this is a great example of bringing celebrity status chefs, a well-covered award, the public and a popular social media platform together to position Pink Lady as the premium apple in the category.

Counter units by Pink Lady Development (Thailand)

Thailand PL dispenser

For Thailand convenience channels, Pink Lady Development made and installed attractive gravity-fed apple dispensing units for counter tops. The units provided a single apple purchase and helped drive distribution outside the recognised market and retail supermarket channels.

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