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Tasmanian Bushfire update


Firefighters near Geeveston. Photo: Luke Bowden

Tasmanian orchards have avoided the worst of the damage from the bushfires that have been raging through the Huon Valley and surrounds for more than a week. According to growers in the region, no orchards have yet been impacted and fruit remains unaffected, though eight homes have been lost state-wide.

Andrew Scott of Scott Brothers orchard told APAL that emergency services can’t tackle the blaze in the heart of the forest, where fuel load is far too high, but they can tend the edges and fight when the fire moves out into less fuel-heavy areas.

“Emergency services deserve to be commended,” said Andrew.

“They’ve thrown everything at it.”

Neighbouring grower John Evans also commended the firefighters but said that the wind changes made the fire unpredictable.

“Fire services have done everything they can, but they can only tend the edges, not the front,” said John.

“We’d been waiting for eight days, and suddenly it was on us. When it was at our fence line the only thing that saved us was the sea breeze.

“Compared to 1967, where it was all in one day, this has been slow torture.”

Both Andrew and John’s orchards have remained unaffected.

“Fruit size is good, fruit quality is still good. Smoke taint isn’t an issue. We just need the rain to come through and wash the ash off the leaves,” said John.

“Fruit’s still growing.”

APAL will continue to monitor the situation and provide an update in next week’s newsletter.

To hear more from John Evans and get more in-depth commentary, hear him speak on Tasmanian Country Hour.

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