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SwarmFarm and Green Atlas partner up to advance precision thinning


SwarmFarm Robotics and Green Atlas have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the goal of developing autonomous flower counting and precision thinning operations in apple orchards.

The partnership is set to revolutionise the current industry approach to thinning operations by putting cutting edge technology into the hands of growers. Current practice within the orchard industry is limited to whole block management, which fails to account for natural variation that exists within each block. Naturally, with a blanket approach to a highly variable environment, thinning results may not always achieve the optimum rate.

By developing an autonomous flower mapping system, combined with a precision “tree by tree” spraying operations, together SwarmFarm and Green Atlas hope to manage spray applications to accurately target variation within a block to increased fruit yield, increase quality, and reduce costly hand thinning operations later in the season.

In this partnership, Green Atlas will focus on their commercial flower mapping system and SwarmFarm will continue to develop and validate technology that allows for variable timing and variable rate thinning to specific zones within a block.

“Working in partnership with Green Atlas is an opportunity to offer additional value and fast track a comprehensive solution to deliver technology into the hands of Australian apple growers,” said Andrew Bate, CEO of SwarmFarm Robotics.

“Ultimately, SwarmFarm and Green Atlas have complementary technologies and we will work together to integrate Green Atlas’s core product.”

Steven Scheding, Director of Green Atlas, shared the sentiment.

“Green Atlas is pleased to be joining forces with SwarmFarm to create world-leading automated solutions that will benefit our growers. The synergy between the teams, both with battle hardened, field proven technologies is extremely well matched to the task.”

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swarmfarm green atlas

swarmfarm green atlas

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